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Khanewal, Pakistan 

An Interrupted Life is a 501c3 that supports the ministry of Pastor Asif Raza in Khanewal, Pakistan.  The need for the gospel in Pakistan and the need for education and job training is enormous.  Through the vision of Pastor Raza, True Vine Medium English School was founded four years ago. It now has grown in number to 150 students attending K - 8th Grade.   In addition to True Vine School, Pastor Asif and his wife oversee the Pam Wanzer Training Center which provides a sewing machine and training so that impoverished women can seek gainful employment. Pastor Asif's church also regularly goes to share the gospel in the villages surrounding his city.  

Church of the Good Shepherd partners with Pastor Asif through prayer and donations.  

To make a donation contact Pam Wanzer at An Interrupted Life Foundation (an 501c3).



Gahini, Rwanda 

Under the leadership of the Bishop of the Diocese of Gahini in Rwanda, Good Shepherd is working towards establishing a deep relational partnership with the Archdeaconry of Gahini, one of the six archdeaconries (regions) of the Diocese of Gahini in Rwanda.  The goal of this partnership is that our churches would know one another on a "first name basis," that we would share one another's burdens and joys.  Our hope is that we would be connected church to church, pastor to pastor, face to face.  


Friends of Gahini (a 501c3 based out of North Carolina) works with Western churches to manage these types of partnerships with our Rwandan brothers and sisters. While Good Shepherd's partnership with the Archdeaconry of Gahini is still in its infancy stages, we have been able to visit Gahini three times in the last three years and plan to make visits annually. Additionally,  we are working together with Compassion International's educational work in Gahini, with Good Shepherd sponsoring 14 children in Gahini, and as a church with many medical professionals, we are in communication with the directors of Gahini's hospital for possible future collaboration.  


Mexico/Texas Border

Trinity on the Border is a chapel and outreach ministry working along the South Texas/Mexico border.

So what exactly does it mean to be a “chapel and outreach ministry?” Good question.

Imagine a standard non-profit ministry to the vulnerable which also has a vibrant Christian life of eucharistic worship, daily prayer, and other pastoral services.

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